Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Style.

There are days when life with the family is great, and I had a pretty good one yesterday as I said goodbye for the summer. However, I will declare before anything, that while I had a great day yesterday, family IS family. It’s a series of deep connections between unique human beings, trying to simultaneously maintain individuality and cohesion. It’s not always pleasant but yesterday was indeed a lovely day with the fam. I wanted to start my blog up again with this as the preface for a very important paradox in fashion: trying to be an individual and still feel like you belong amongst a multitude of complicated individuals, with unique stories, all loading a train or jamming the freeway at rush hour.  

My family has a very similar style, and yet, uniqueness abounds. I clearly remember when we were all children, and now, as I start what feels like a new stage in my life, all but one are at least teenagers. All but one know what sex is, and all of us are individuals. I wanted to post these pictures up of my family. And I’m going to point out some things about their style that I love and says something about who they are as individuals and who we are as a family. 

First up is my mother:
 Check out her chic shirt, classic earrings, and blond long hair? Did I mention she's had 9 kids?
Next is my daddy:
He's getting ready for work. Even though he's wearing a white t-shirt and black pants, its quite deceiving. He's actually a blue collar worker, getting ready for the night shift as a cab-driver. I often joke with him, that transportation is a family business.

Next is My sister.
 Of course, my sista. Casual clothing, fantastic hair-do? I think you'll notice soon, that we all do things with our hair. Did I mention she's the family hairstylist?
Here come the boys.
Here is my brother with his emo-japanese anime inspired hairstyle.
Then there's the baby and the oldest. The baby is a baby, and still developing!  The oldest is a responsible adult who's lived longer (worn-out-raidiohead t-shirt), but knows how to make kids laugh.

And two young adults (19- and 21-year olds), chilling, in the process of finding themselves, but chilling. Clean cut hair-dos.

And that's that. Lots of cotton t-shirts, hair-dos, and no gangstas.  There's more family members around, but I didn't get to photograph them yesterday. I managed to get smiles out of most. We watched the LOTR Two Towers before I left for LAX.

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  1. Loved your post Teresa! Rock on mom! 9 kids and that figure and style. And what a sleek style for dad. "Transportation is a family business" Nice :-) - Christina