Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer con Flores

I had been anxious to wear my floral dress for a third time this summer, but the bay area weather had not permitted any form of inspiration or indication that I would be safe in it (its windy here). But opportunity arose, and I wore my flores this week, and immediately felt so empowered that I decided to write a blog about two of my favorite subjects, fashion and transportation, in my context. And while quisas this endeavor might flop, and I might get busy and never blog again, I figured I should write something. I don't know how well these two subjects will blend but lets give it a try.

Las flores have always been part of my attire, and I get a sense of pleasure that is both peaceful and optimistic. I remember when my brother graduated from elementary school, mi mom bought me a really cute flowery outfit, complete with a flappy hat that had a big flower on it. And lets not forget mi camisa mexicana nativa, embroidered in colorful patterns of flowers. While flowery can often seem cliche and either too much of an indication of femininity that may be perceived as highly superficial and simple, I've gained a greater appreciation of it. Flowers are a sharp contrast to the hard industrial textures that surround us. As an active pedestrian and transit rider, it gives me the power to walk on concrete and transcend the sliding doors of a bus. Flowers are also dynamic, and although a flower print is composed of a multitude of flowers, they remain a community of individuals, and each one must be beautiful and an entity on its own. While I am sure my dress was made for mass consumption and there's probably thousands if not millions of these dresses in the world, as I continue to wear it, the curves of my body will stretch each flower out in different ways, and become individuals. But before I go too far with this ramble here is my simple conclusion: flower power.

Here's my outfit:


  1. next time post a pic of you wearing it!

  2. I agree that they are two distinct things. I love your dress. I have some flowery dresses that I alway second-guess. You know law school, so dreary. Hahaha. But I'm going to start wearing them to liven up everyone's day!!